The Beginning of AFC

My name is Allison, I'm 15 years old, from Michigan and I love to read and write. I had an idea for a charity that involves my passions (reading and writing) and working with young readers. So, did I actually think that I could ever have the determination to make my charity come to life? Not in a million years. Here I am, just a fifteen year old sophomore that goes to a relatively unknown high school; just doing random things to keep me busy, like all teenagers.

When this idea popped into my head, I thought, yeah, I can do that once I’ve graduated college or something. When I have more time on my hands and I know more things about… life. Well, I realized that starting off sooner than later is better with all of the new technology advances, going from paper to digital. Then, Authors For a Cause (AFC) was born.

With the help of my father, who’s the computer nerd, we created this website to start a charity that will become a really good cause. Helping children who want to read, but don’t have access to inexpensive books. Or even encouraging ones that have the books, but decide to throw them in their basements and watch a movie instead.

This blog will serve as a place for me, Allison, to "talk" about whatever I feel like that’s relevant to AFC, and for our fellow authors and readers to learn about what’s new with AFC. I hope that you actually got to the bottom of this blog post, and didn’t just stop at the first sentence. I usually write too much, but that’s what you get.

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