Road Trip Wednesday – Things To Do With Books

For this week’s YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday, they ask “What's your favorite use for a book besides reading it?”

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The first thing that pops into my head about things to do with books other than reading them is annotating them; but I would never do that in my spare time (haha). I don’t really do that much with books after I read them, they usually just gather dust in my bookshelf until I read them again, does that count? A good source of a heap of dust? Probably not.

I have put crinkled papers in between pages of heavy books; then stacked them up onto one another to smooth out the creases. When my family went through a walk in the woods I found this really pretty flower and decided to try flattening it in a book, which turned out to be a success.

My sister has done multiple art projects relating to books which are pretty FANTASTIC! First, she doodled all over “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein, which was a project, altering a book in some way. Her best project was this diorama thing that has pages of a book cut into the word “READ” with all these cool designs around it.

Though the really cool ways of using a book were done by my sister and not me, I still enjoyed thinking outside the box for this question. What ways do you use books?

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