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Annotated Books

So far in my high school career I have annotated two books, one novella, and two plays. I had to go out and buy three of these pieces of writing, the rest I borrowed from my teacher and ended up throwing away the sticky notes (haha). In my freshman year, I annotated Things Fall Apart […]

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Get Social With Us!

We are now at facebook and Twitter! I love social media so much – it's addicting! Check us out on Twitter at @Authors4ACause or on our facebook page. We’d greatly appreciate it if you followed us, became a fan, or like us on either one of those places. Our Twitter followers are slowly creeping up […]

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Dreadful Annotating

Since I am in the tenth grade, I understand the term “annotating” when my teacher says that we have to annotate in either a reading packet or a book. Annotating is basically writing/highlighting/sticky "noteing" certain parts of a piece of writing. For example, I am currently reading The Great Gatsby for my American Literature class; […]

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What is an Author?

This question has been bugging me. People have different views on what exactly an author is. Is it someone who already has something published? Or is it someone who writes stories? If it’s the latter, then we’re all authors because our elementary school teachers made us write silly ones for grades that didn’t really matter. […]

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Inspirational Authors: John Locke and Rachel Yu

A couple of weeks ago, when my father berated me to stop watching Grey’s Anatomy and start working more on Authors For a Cause (AFC), he sent me an inspiring email. What did this email contain you may ask? Links to various articles written about two people he found through blogs who have made a […]

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The Beginning of AFC

My name is Allison, I'm 15 years old, from Michigan and I love to read and write. I had an idea for a charity that involves my passions (reading and writing) and working with young readers. So, did I actually think that I could ever have the determination to make my charity come to life? Not […]

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