Inspirational Authors: John Locke and Rachel Yu

A couple of weeks ago, when my father berated me to stop watching Grey’s Anatomy and start working more on Authors For a Cause (AFC), he sent me an inspiring email. What did this email contain you may ask? Links to various articles written about two people he found through blogs who have made a bunch of money writing and publishing digital books. I know there are tons of people out there like this, but being fairly new in this business, I was amazed by these people.

John Locke

The first one was a man named John Locke, ever heard of him? He’s the first self-published author to sell more than a million digital books on Amazon. Dang! His books, written about a former CIA assassin, are only 99 cents each. Mr. Locke wrote the first one three years ago and now is kind of famous when it comes to publishing digital books. At 61, the guy already has his own real estate investment firm, two insurance agencies, and a dozen malls.  Man, he really knows how to live!

What I liked best about Mr. Locke was how he enjoyed being on his own schedule, writing things when he wants, where he wants, and how. That’s the one thing that fascinates me about being an author; not having to listen to anyone else and be dependent on them for your paycheck. Of course, in traditional, paper publishing, with agents and all that stuff, authors are kind of tethered to their editors, needing manuscripts by this date and the editing done by this other date. Self-publishing is a way to still see results, but not go through all the time and pain it takes to find an agent who will publish your book and actually say it’s good. Alternatively, you can just go to AFC and let us publish your book easily and see if the public likes and buys it.

Rachel Yu

The other author that my dad emailed me about was a girl named Rachel Yu. Rachel is sixteen years old, almost the same age as me, goes to high school, and writes children’s books in her spare time. This article explains that she made $6,200 in a month. Because of children’s books. Like “A Dragon Named Dragon”…

Rachel stuck out for me more because she was in my same age bracket, unlike John Locke. Another thing was that they’re children’s books, not 100,000 word novels. Just quirky children’s books that she wrote herself. She’s written about a dozen of these and probably already has thousands of dollars in the bank. She even has her own website. Just knowing that someone my age can do this inspires me to help others.

Do  I want to sell a million 99 cent books like John Locke? Of course. Do I want to write children’s books about animals? I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter if I want to be exactly like them, it’s just cool to know that I can be an author like them, trying to get stories out there for people to read and enjoy. Through AFC, I can do that with the help of other authors who also share that same vision.

If you have any other inspirational author’s stories about how they got there, please comment and tell me. This is the first of more posts to come about inspirational authors.

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