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Inspirational Authors: Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking was one of the first authors that I heard of that had published ebooks when I started this charity. This blog post changed the way that I looked at publishing and made me want to start this charity even more. Amanda Hocking is one of the names you should know when you hear about publishing digital books.

Writing books in her spare time and constantly getting shot down from traditional publishers, Hocking decided to take a different route and publish digital books. She figured that if she only sold a couple of them, it’d still be worth it, much like most authors’ opinions when they start out. She put up the books that had been shot down by editors and waited to see if anyone was interested in them. And a lot of people were.

Her books would peak in Kindle’s top selling lists and got the attention of many curious readers. Over the course of the next couple of months, she earned more money than she had at her day job.

Even though Hocking has her books published both traditionally and digitally, she started out as just another hopeful author wanting to sell a couple copies of her books on Amazon. Amanda Hocking is just one of many examples that if you are persistent towards a career in writing, you can achieve it.

Even the most famous authors started out just like everyone else, desperately wanting someone to give them the chance to publish their book. By going the digital book route, now any author can publish their story and watch to see if their literary career takes off or not (hopefully it does!).

These success stories are true; and that’s why I’m sharing them with you. Influential people like Amanda Hocking do exist, and that’s why she is the best example of the “dream” for authors just getting started, being discovered by a publisher that desperately wants you by taking charge of your life and getting your words out there for everyone to read.

Amanda Hocking, you are what every self-published author wants to be. Thank you for having hilarious blog posts, never giving up, and sharing your exceptional stories with us. 

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