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Inspirational Authors: Abigail Brand

Miss Abigail Brand is the type of little girl that I wish I was. Even though she is only six years old, Brand has already written/illustrated three books (one of them is a Spanish translation, wow!) that are a part of her Hello Little series and are available in eBook format or in physical format which she hand writes and draws. Half of the money that results from the time and effort she puts into her adorable books is put towards her local hospital’s NICU for the tiny babies fighting for their lives.

When Brand’s youngest sister was in the NICU, Brand realized that she needed to help the babies in some way. Her charitable attitude, determination, and creativity are what were needed to end up with her result so far of $415.50.

Abigail Brand just blows my mind. On Disney Channel, there were always little stories in-between the shows about kids making a difference in their communities. I personally think that Brand should be on Disney Channel, I mean, come on. cheeky

Abigail, if you’re reading this, I want to let you know how amazed I am at your perseverance. I am thankful that you are following me and look forward to learning more about your journey as your tweets pop up on my Twitter page.

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