Get Social With Us!

We are now at facebook and Twitter! I love social media so much – it's addicting!

Check us out on Twitter at @Authors4ACause or on our facebook page. We’d greatly appreciate it if you followed us, became a fan, or like us on either one of those places. Our Twitter followers are slowly creeping up there, hopefully the word will somehow get out and we can become famous overnight! Doubt it… but I can dream can’t I? And, oh, post something…I always respond!

Thanks to all of our followers so far, the thirteen of you ;), I can’t believe we even have that many so far. I kept on clicking on names and reading their tweets and profiles. Twitter is really fun, actually, and not just a marketing thing. But don’t worry, we tweet fun things also!

Thanks again to everyone who has or will follow us, we are most grateful!

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