Publishing Services

If you are not familiar with the process to format, upload and/or market a new book, AFC is willing to help you with those services in order to get your book sold and continue the mission AFC has set forth.

Books must be provided in digital format (.DOC, .DOCX, .TXT, .ODT, or .RTF format). Authors will get a chance to review/approve book format, cover design and book details before final publishing.

Publishing Services

Publishing services consist of:

  • Entry of the book details on the appropriate web pages
  • Upload of the finished electronic book file in the required formats

This service does not include the formatting and marketing services described below.

AFC will publish your book at no charge.

Formatting / Design Services

AFC will format your book so it complies with the necessary requirements for the approved publishing platform(s). This includes:

  • Adjusting fonts
  • Formatting photo placement
  • Formatting text layout
  • Chapter heading creation
  • Creation of a table of contents
  • Adjusting page size
  • Book cover design

The cost for these services is $35*.

(Price is for books up to 25,000 words. Contact us of for larger book prices.)



Marketing Services

AFC will market your book to increase sales. This includes:

  • Managing free giveaway days (if appropriate)
  • Blog posts about new book release (pre and post publication)
  • Twitter announcements of new book release (pre and post publication)
  • Facebook posts about new book release (pre and post publication)
  • Securing book reviews with other book reviewers (pre and post publication)

The cost for these services is $45*.




* Pricing assumes the author will publish the book through AFC's publishing account(s). We do not currently perform these services for authors not publishing through AFC.

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