Publishing Process

How Do Books Get Published?

Publishing a book has many steps.If you work with AFC, we can help with some of the steps you might not be familiar  with. If you choose to work with AFC, you will be writing the book to be published.  But publishing a book consists of a few more steps than just uploading the book:

  • Initial editing:
    • Organizing the plot, continuity in character facts/storyline/timeline, consistent point of view (first/second.third person story telling), etc.
  • Final editing:
    • Ensuring grammar, tense, punctuation, spelling are all accurate
  • Formatting:
    • Building the table of contents, formatting text, creating consistent spacing across pages, chapter headings
  • Cover design:
    • Creating a book cover in the proper format for upload including graphic image, title, author name
  • Publishing:
    • Filling out forms on publishing platform regarding book title, author, description, price, etc.
    • Uploading book in proper format
    • Uploading book cover in proper format

What Happens After You're Published?

You feel good, your book is published, and the masses are now able to see your literary talents. But to get your book into as many hands as possible, some additional steps are generally required. You can choose to market your own book, or enlist the services of AFC to do that for you. while we can't guarantee you'll be the next famous author, we can help get the word out for you. Here are some of the services we can offer by using AFC's social media accounts/Blog to help make you book a smashing success:


  • Pre-publishing –  generate buzz including facebook/Twitter posts, help pricing strategy development, get early reviews, securing guest bloggers
  • Post-publishing – coordinate free giveaway days, blog/facebook/Twitter posting, get reviews, securing guest bloggers

You can choose to those steps yourself, or pay us a small fee to do them for you.

How Do You Get Started?

You'll need to determine how many of the steps listed above you're going to do, and how many, if any, you'll have AFC do for you. Getting started falls into two categories:

  • If your book, book cover and description is all complete and in final form and ready to be published:
    • Send your book, book cover and publishing details in final format and we'll upload it for you through our account at no charge.
  • If your book, or book cover or description are not complete and in final form:
    • Send us what you have, make a payment to have us do the remaining work for you, and we'll do the rest.

To get started, simply:

  1. Fill out our book details form (enter the information you have that is final)
  2. Upload your book
  3. Upload your book cover (unless we are creating it for you)
  4. We'll send you (via email) the book, the book cover, and the book description for your final approval
  5. You approve (via email) book, book cover, book description before we publish it
  6. We'll send you a confirmation email that tells you your book has been published with a link to the book listing

We attempt to make it as easy as possible for you to get published. So, please consider publishing one of your books through AFC so we both help grow readership among today's young adults!

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