Publishing Agreement

This page describes the terms for the "Publishing Agreement".

When you submit your book to Authors For a Cause (AFC), you agree to the following terms:

  1. All AFC-published books are the property of the original author. AFC does not own any rights to the books submitted for publishing by authors.
  2. Books will be published on the approved platform(s) current at the time of submission.
    • Currently, the approved platform(s) are:
      • Kindle (Amazon)
      • Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select (Amazon).
  3. All revenues (after any application platform/submission expenses) from published books will be divided as follows:
    • 5o% to AFC, to be used in support of the AFC mission.
    • 5o% to the submitting author.
      • Payments made bi-monthly via PayPal
  4. The original author will have full control over the content of the book, the cover, the title, the bio., the listing description and all information required to submit the book for publishing.
    • These items will be submitted one-time during the original book submission.
  5. AFC will only be responsible for uploading your book to the publishing platform(s). No marketing, cover design, formatting, etc. will be done unless it is paid for in advance of book submission.
  6. AFC will add a sentence at the end of your book acknowledging our role as publisher. This sentence is similar to: "This book is published through Authors For A Cause – a charity supporting youth reading.". The author can request that this sentence not be added to the book if desired.

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