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Why Work With AFC?

As an author, you have choices for how to publish your work. You can publish either as a physical book or in digital form. You can publish yourself, through a publishing company, or you can work with AFC and contribute to a cause. Working with AFC assures you that proceeds from the sale of your work will be split betwen you and AFC, with AFC's share ultimately benefitting young, aspiring readers.

By choosing to publish your book with us, we can guarantee a fast and easy process of getting your writing into the hands of others. We are currently publishing books through the platform(s) described on our publishing agreement page

A portion (described here) of the profits the book receives will go toward our charity and our business operations, while the rest will go back to you, the author that chooses to work with AFC and support young readers.

Authors publishing through AFC will retain ownership rights to the book (nothing is owned by AFC), and agree to publish through our account. Publishing by AFC will be free of charge.


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