Dreadful Annotating

Since I am in the tenth grade, I understand the term “annotating” when my teacher says that we have to annotate in either a reading packet or a book. Annotating is basically writing/highlighting/sticky "noteing" certain parts of a piece of writing. For example, I am currently reading The Great Gatsby for my American Literature class; and I have six different colors – for highlighters – and five things I am tracking; style/structure, characterization, motifs, turning points, and ideas and questions. The last color I just use for important things or quotes that I like.

I have a habit of over-annotating, which can be both a good and bad thing. It is a good thing because I get an approving smile from my teacher, the pride of having a colorful book and scribbles in it when I open it, and it will be easy to pick out which quotes I need when I have to write an essay. It is a bad thing because on the outside it looks messy; I put sticky notes on the edges of the page where there are no word; don’t ask me why – it’s one of those minor quirks that I have. So,  there are sticky notes tht I've ripped in half (to save paper) flying out of my annotated books. It’s kind of embarrassing; my peers look at my book and then freak out because they didn’t annotate enough.

It doesn’t really matter what my peers think though, because I just have this tendency to overdo things. I’m working on taming this habit, but it hasn’t been working with annotating. I don’t really like annotating, mainly because it takes so much time and I end up not enjoying the book as much.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on annotating?

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  1. Authors for a Cause is my first attempt at publishing an anthology of poetry, and the support I get is awesome! I'm looking forward to a long association. Thanks so much, Allison and Mark!
    PS I' ve never used annotating in school, so many years ago, certainly never at University. I would think it would spoil the story or book, but still, probably learn how an excellent author weaves their magic. Anything can be overdone.

    September 17, 2012 at 1:55 am