Discovery - An Anthology of Poetry

Discovery – An Anthology of Poetry

We are pleased to announce that our first poet, Kenna McKinnon, has recently published her collection of poetry! Today, July 26th 2012, we are having a free giveaway of the sensational poems that take you on an inspiring journey of McKinnon’s life.

DISCOVERY – An Anthology of Poetry gets the reader inside the head of the poet. It recreates that rare moment when the reader can feel whatever the author felt when living that specific moment in their life.

Kenna McKinnon, a member of The Writers Guild of Alberta, crafted 64 poems that take the reader on “emotional and visual journeys”.
Priced at 99 cents, this will be a well worth buy to add to your collection of poetry. It has received all positive views and has been rated at 4.5 stars out of 5.

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