AFC: Moving Forward!

Authors For A Cause has made progress! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us; from following us on Twitter, to tweeting us nice things, and to just saying “what you’re doing is really great” means a lot to us.

Twitter:  After creating our Twitter account, we have gotten very positive feedback! From learning about young authors who haven’t even graduated high school and yet already have books available, to being added onto a list on Twitter titled “Good Deeds”, we appreciate the support. As of right now we have 366 followers, wow! Thanks to everyone who clicked the “follow” button, as we hope more people do.

Goodreads: We created a Goodreads group and want you to join the group! Keep up to date with the latest and interact with other readers and writers!

Books: We are happy to announce that Kenna McKinnon will be the first author to publish her books through us. A collection of short stories and poetry will be featured in the book. Stay tuned for special giveaways and more information on the upcoming books!

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One Response to “AFC: Moving Forward!”

  1. Thank you, Allison, for the kind words. I'm thrilled to be your first published author! There are no short stories in my book. It's an anthology of poetry. I hope to perhaps bring out a book of short stories in the future. Look for it then! Best wishes on your publishing venture. What a great idea.

    July 20, 2012 at 8:05 pm